WD My Clould Mirror - Drive mapping issues for Windows 10 Pro

About a week ago my drive mapping for the public drive had issue connecting and then want away. Now every time I attempt to map or access the public drive, I receive a login prompt. I validated that the share setting is Public. I am using Window 10 Pro 64 version 2004 and have no issues accessing the drive on an old Windows 7 machine. After I started having the issues, I updated the firmware to the latest - 2.12.127. I attempted some of the changes to settings from web articles and was able to get the device to show up under Network. I’m not sure I know why I am being prompted to login to access a public share. Please help. Thanks.



Hi @mfate,

Please refer below link to check Share Access Failure - Public Share Prompts for Password Access Denied:

Please refer below link to check more information about mapping a WD Network Drive on Windows 10:

Hope it helps!!