WD my cloud

Looks like I accidentally removed my email address from admin under wdmycloud and now it doesnt allow me to add back in due saying that email id already linked to device user. How can I fix that?
The reason I end up in this is because though I can login to wdmyloud, unable to get through WD My cloud windows desktop add as it was giving network error earlier. Now after email removal it says "No device available’ contact admin.

The My Cloud Desktop app/software has been End of Life since 2016 and is no longer supported by WD.

One can access the My Cloud Dashboard (from the local network the My Cloud is) to change or modify a User’s (including the admin) email address. As an alternate option one can try using an alternate email address if for what ever reason they cannot add it to the My Cloud Dashboard.

One may have to contact WD Support directly if they are having email problems with the MyCloud.com web portal to see if WD can fix it on their end.

Thanks. So I was able to change email id. The wd Cloud still shows me offline. Tried reboot and other options via

but cloud connection status stays as “Connecting”. Tried disabling /reboot and enable.

You may need to configure the remote access manually to use different ports. For example 8080 and 4443. Then setup port forwarding within your network router to pass those ports to the My Cloud.