WD My Cloud - Time Machine Full Recovery working?

I have a 4TB My Cloud and is able to setup Time Machine with my Macbook Pro Retina running 10.10.1 both for initial backup as well as increamental backup.

However I have trouble doing a full recovery from Time Machine backups.

In order to do a full recovery I have to enter Apple’s (osx) recovery mode and at that stage the Macbook Pro do not recognise/detect WD My Cloud and the Time Machine backup files on it, hence unable to do any recovery.

What I suspect is that in the OSX recovery mode, there is no WD My Cloud drivers, therefore the Recovery routine is unable to detect My Cloud where as in the case of Time Capsule which is an Apple product, the drivers are built into the Recovery Routine.

Just wonder whether anyone has successfully done a full recovery from Time machine backup on WD My Cloud and also whether WD provide a Recovery Routine for Apple Time Machine such that it can be booted from an USB drive.

Hi newbie2, welcome to the Community. See if the following link helps.


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Thanks very much for the link, I will have a good read and try out some of the suggestions.