WD My Cloud - Shut Down and Power On Everday

I use WD My Cloud for my small home business.

My question is…is it safe to Shutdown my WD My Cloud through the dashboard every night and then replugging it in every morning?

Will it make it’s life longer than leaving it running 24/7, 365(+1) days?



This drive has been designed to be connected 24/7, when the drive is not in use it will go into standby mode.


Unlike devices running on batteries, there’ll be no major benefit shutting it down every night other than saving a little on power bills even though the harddrive sleeps. Also wdmycloud doesn’t come with a power button so it’s a hassle IMHO unless every device in your network has a power down routine every night and you don’t need to access the nas remotely. Then you could also setup a crontab to shutdown the nas every midnight if you’re proficient in unix.

But it does help a little with its life span if you noticed the nas gets hotter during operation.

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Thanks for the assurance. I was just scared by the blinking power light in orange when it’s in idle, so I better shut it down. I would have felt better if the blinking power light is green or yellow.

Again thanks.