WD My Cloud setup problems - access to device is horribly slow

Hi all

I need help setting up the My Cloud device. I currently cannot connect via the app as it give a network connection error and access to the device is terribly slow.
My configuration is as follows:
I have a D-Link DSL2750U ADSL modem/router (internet gateway) that is connected to my PC via ethernet cable
From the D-Link router I have a Billion Bipac 7401 VGP r1 connected via Ethernet cable in my lounge, the setup is a LAN-LAN, i.e. the first router (D-Link) has an IP address of, the second router (Billion) which is connected to the first via ethernet cable is with a subnet mask of
I have set a static IP address for the My Cloud device (which is connected to the Billion router via Ethernet cable) of with a subnet mask of
None of these routers are Gigabit capable but I don’t know how important this is as I intend on accessing media on the My Cloud via mobile and streaming to a Google Chromecast which uses the Billion routers WiFi network. I won’t be accessing the My Cloud from my PC most of the time.
I need some advice on what I may be doing wrong as connection to the My Cloud does not currently work from my Android (network error 904). Some tips on speeding up the access to the device would also be appreciated as its currently not really usable with its current configuration.

I suggest you check out this site and the tab My Cloud │ How it Works.

Here is a link to the User Manual if you do not have it.

Here is a link to the Learning Center if you have not visited it.


Is this for access local to your home network?

If so, you don’t need to use the WD app. I use Cheetah Mobile File Manager, and connect to the MyCloud as a LAN connection.

Error 904 sounds like it’s trying to access remotely (I’ve seen other 90x errors when trying to access remotely). Only WD know what their error codes mean; they’re not helpful, and there’s no list of what they mean, or what you’re supposed to do to fix them.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve covered all the information provided but I would just like to know if there’s something specific on my network that I have neglected to set up.

@cpt_paranoia - Initially, yes, I’d like to use it on the local network only, I hope it hasn’t been accessing the my cloud remotely all this time. In future I would like to access it through the internet.
Update: If I restart the Billion router in the lounge it work like a dream for a short time, then become undetectable again. I have moved between static and dynamic IP assignment with the same end result.
Perhaps there’s a setting on the router that needs to be changed (I just have no clue what it could be though)?:persevere: