WD My Cloud on MAC cannot find device


I’m having issue to access my EX2 Ultra from WD My Cloud on Mac. The problem happen today, before it work fine. Here as follow that i can login from web and the device is online.

Here is the issues that im having right now:

is there any others solution?

Not a solution in my book. This has worked for me for many years. How else do I now copy loads of files up/down.

I wonder if a firmware update is responsible for that as I can see my old mycloud drive, my new ex2 ultra can’t show up anymore.

What other remote solutions are available?

Hello -

Is it possible to loop in Western Digital support on this thread? I also am experiencing this same issue and it feels relevant to a recent software update with macOS High Sierra. I’m also using an EX2 and I have one other friend who has the same setup and experiencing the same issue.


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