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Hi … I read the replies to these issues on here and I have absolutely no idea with the replies … someone who speaks clear laymans English would be a bonus.

My 4TB My Cloud wireless devise is not visible on my W8 Laptop.  I have turned off and back on.  Turned off PC and back on … likewise wireless network.

I can’t access my data and it is very frustrating.  Can someone tell me how I can attached to the wireless device


bishophil wrote:

My 4TB My Cloud wireless devise is not visible on my W8 Laptop. 

Can someone tell me how I can attached to the wireless device

Well, for one thing, it’s not wireless!

My 4TB My Cloud wireless devise

The WD My Cloud is NOT a wireless device. You must connect it to a wireless router using an Ethernet cable (ask for a Cat5e or Cat6 cable), and then access it through your wireless router.

I am assuming you have a broadband internet connection from some internet service provider, and they have supplied you with a box that allows you to access the internet (a modem), and which also provides a wired and wireless router function. The router allows multiple devices to talk to each other in your home, and to access the internet. If it is a wireless router, it allows them to do this using WiFi.

I would suggest reading the FAQ and the User Manual.

There are other WD storage devices that have wireless interfaces, but they are not called ‘My Cloud’.

Thanks … that helped so much … based on that I have it sorted now!

It is wired to my Modem and connect wirelessly to my streaming devices and laptop … is that better … clearer for you?

Thanks … yes it is already connected to the modem and has been working fine for about 8 weeks but suddenly has dropped out and I can’t seem to reconnect

We can only help based on the information you give us. If you say that your device is wireless, we think that you think your device is wireless.  You wouldn’t be the first to think it had a wireless interface… Also, you didn’t say that everything had been working, and then stopped; I thought you were a first-time user.

Loss of connection is probably the most common problem with the MyCloud; search the forums for ‘connection’, and you’ll find dozens of threads.

The most common problem is that your router has changed the IP address it allocates to your MyCloud, and your network hasn’t quite caught up with this change yet; your computer ought to be able to work this out, but it often cannot, and continues to try to connect to the old IP address.

The answer may be as simple as re-booting your router (which will also cause your MyCloud to reboot), which may force everything to refresh IP addresses.

Then, use your router’s control interface to find out what the MyCloud’s IP address is, and set it either to be static, using that address, or set it to DHCP ‘always use this address’ or ‘infinite lease’ or some such phrase, depending on your router. This will stop the IP address changing in future. Once you have the IP address, you can establish contact with the Dashboard by entering /UI/ in your web browser’s address field, where is the numeric address you have found (it may be something like, or other formats; see here).