WD My Cloud is Doomed

Interestingly, I recently discovered that the My Cloud PR4100 (Diskless) WDBNFA0000NBK-NESN may have been quietly discontinued by Western Digital, and possibly other My Cloud models too.

Since the PR4100 is the flagship of the WD My Cloud model lineup, it’s discontinuation strongly suggests that the My Cloud brand may have hitched a ride on the porcelain express, on a path to oblivion.

Strangely, I actually have mixed feelings about it, because the My Cloud PR4100 has a lot of potential, had it not been lobotomized by the sheer ineptitude of WD and their so-called developers, who continue to bungle firmware updates to My Cloud OS5. And the lack of apps is a pathetic joke.

Pawning off WD My Cloud NAS devices onto unsuspecting consumers, populated with WD “Red” SMR hard drives (a disaster waiting to happen) didn’t help matters. WD even got sued for it.

For all the good it did, because the lawyers got paid, and consumers got screwed, as always. However, the SMR hard drive debacle was a PR nightmare for WD that caused a loss of trust and permanent damage that persists today.

And let’s not forget about the travesty otherwise known as the My Cloud Home, which certainly caused a spike in Synology NAS sales. In fact, “I’m never buying WD products again!” was a common refrain for a very long time after the MCH was released, and people had time to discover the horrors that awaited them within.

Lastly, the “WD Community” forums were once a pretty lively place, but they’re now a wasteland filled with broken English, SPAM bots, and the @Keerti_01 bot telling users to contact WD Support, even if it’s painfully obvious that the user isn’t asking for help. The absurdity of it all is surreal, yet strangely amusing.

  • Here's a guide... Have you opened a Support Case?
  • Here's a tutorial... Have you opened a Support Case?
  • Here's an app... Have you opened a Support Case?

If nobody responds for a few days, wait for it…

  • WD My Cloud is Doomed... Have you opened a Support Case?

All things considered, it begs the question… Is Western Digital next?

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You’re so right!. I’ve always wanted a PR4100 or PR2100 but they’re so expensive that ended up buying a Synology 720+.

I really love my humble single bay gen2 WDMyCloud but they haven’t put enough effort to improve things, particularly since the outage in April this year.

I have the feeling WD is going under a profound deep restructuring or selling and we were left out.

They may use this excuse of the end of support policy to wipe out the mess they’ve made with OS5 and put and end to all this NASes.

zero surprise to me.

The handwriting was on the wall as soon as it became clear that there was zero interest in dealing with indexing problem. (you know. . . where indexing a big drive would take DAYS)

I am disappointed - but not upset. Obsolescence of computer equipment is inevitable.
The only item I truly mourn is the discontinuation of the old iPod touch; mainly because there really is no proper replacement (short of a full blown phone). But I have moved on.

I am on these forums out of habit. I long ago rolled my EX2 ultra back to OS/3. My most recent NAS acquisition was from a different vendor. The drives also came from a different vendor.

I’ve always thought I was the only one with this disease :slight_smile:

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Don’t disagree with this assessment.

Shame really - - - I was a HUGE WD fanboy a few years ago.
I would buy multiple external drives a year.
All of my HDD’s were WD
I have three of their NAS units; plus two my-passport-wireless devices.

I bought a 1st gen MyCloud back in the day - - -and I thought it was absolutely the bee’s knees.

Now. . . not so much. Been buying Samsung SSD’s like candy. I went to a competitor for my last NAS and HDD purchase. Three things lead to this;

  1. The stealth termination of the MyPassport wireless products.
  2. The SMR/CMR debacle
  3. The roleout of OS/5 and the flat refusal to rectify or even acknowledge some of the glaring weaknesses of the product.

I sent an incident report and they answered:

Incident Update

Reference #: 231111-002576
100x100 Incident Details

Reference #: 231111-002576
Subject: RSYNC
Product: My Cloud

Response by Email Logan K
(11/27/2023 09:27 AM)


Thanks for getting back to us and for letting us know.

We will inform our engineering team accordingly. Any possible kind of fix or update on this canonly be implemented through a firmware update so please keep your device up to date and keep an eye to see the latest firmware notes.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist.

Alternatively FEDERICO, you can start a live chat with one of our support specialists on this link- at the bottom right of the new page, just click the chat bubble! If you prefer to call us, click here.

Logan K
Western Digital Customer Service and Support

I asked about the version issue with rsync and they gave me that answer.

TK for posting.
I was a bit behind in watching his videos

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Planned obsolescence is the American way.
Non-upgradable and non-repairable equipment is becoming the new American way.

The last serious laptop I bought - the key buying factor was “screws on bottom of case”.
(Heh. Just put into new RAM, Battery, and SSD into the thing)
(Looking at Framework for the next one)

For a NAS:

  • Power button is a MUST. (I mean . . . .BE SERIOUS)
  • Modern CPU is . . . only reasonable.
  • Proper fan is part of having a proper CPU.
  • USB connection for communication to a UPS.

Not sold on having any form of SSD is appropriate in a NAS. Unless you are talking about a 2-4TB NAS. For anything serious; for 10-20TB NAS units - - HDD’s are still the way to go.

Things like upgradeable ram; a display port, and Wifi: Sounds more like you are building a server; not a storage device. At what point to you just buy a PC, plunk in bunch of drives, and call it a day?(especially if you are using JBOD; not raid).

For me; I use NAS as storage; so I don’t need much. The EX2 hardware is just fine for a file server. If you are running the NAS as a media server (i.e. Plex); then you need more power. . .and the “server” will have to have more power - - and look more like a PC.

Well - - TRUE - - → WD NAS hardware is not modern. But I will submit that other than not being “new and shiny”; it is still more than capable of fulfilling it’s primary task of being a file server. Heck - - → people talk about creating NAS systems using Rasberry PI hardware.

In terms of being a media server. . . . I find it just isn’t necessary anymore.
Streaming services for video have gotten very convenient; even in overseas locations.
Downloaded content to a tablet takes care of most business trips - → even on long haul flights if the plane entertainment is down.

In terms of my music library - - > I now carry a USB key with all my music on it. . . and Windows media player is more than adequate for either bluetooth to headphones; or via a wired DAC directly to a home theater system. Honestly - - > I got tired of trying to get fiddly windows DLNA stuff to work for more than 3 months before something “broke”. I just gave up and bought a fancy DAC that has a USB input and RCA jack outputs.

As for access to critical files: I have a 4TB ssd drive with me that has what I need; plus serves as camera storage space if I am going hog wild with photography. (I suppose backkup to the NAS while on the road is a thing - - → but honestly; I travel ALOT for a non-professional photographer; and have truly not had issues)

TRUENAS and UNRAID Ready - - → I guess that means no software is installed. Sounds a bit painful. One of the advantages of going with a NAS vendor is the software.

Yup. Missing the point.

What use cases are you talking about beyond “file sever” and “Media server”? (Genuine question: Maybe I am lacking imagination today ;))

Wow, 30 bucks off 800… what a deal!!

after reading this thread - I just saw an ad for the Synology BEE station

I still have a few of the old WD live media players

I just saw material for the BeeDrive and BeeStation recently.

To me, it seems like competition for the MyCloud Home devices.

MyCloud Live? Wow. I hope those devices are not exposed to the internet: I think they have some legendary security problems.

I am toying with getting a NAS for internet accessible stuff (i.e. separate from the secure stuff behind the wireless firewall) - - This lead me to the BeeStation. But “toying” for me will probably result in a much more capable and expensive unit. :slight_smile:

Yes the BeeStation seems to be a direct compeditor to the WD My Cloud Home line. Likley has a more polished OS being its from Synology. But like the My Cloud Home it appears to have some serious limitations. The fact that Synology apparently disables SMB access out of the box is just mind boggling crazy. The user has to go in and manually enable SMB access. Also no SSH access apparently. And very limited OS configuration too. Probably good for someone who needs something very, very basic, but if one needs a NAS there are likely better options. Seems geared at the mobile device/tablet device user. And only 8 max users will be a major limitation for some. And a requirement to have a Synology account to set the unit up will be a turn off for some.

I tend to agree - - - it is all about being “less intimidating”.

I get the price target. It’s less intimidating that getting a NAS box and buying a drive - - -not hard to double or triple the price point.

Yes, you can get a more single bay box for “not that much more money”'; but that’s speaking from a perspective of someone with fundamentally deeper pockets. If you are being cost conscious; this is a good price.

Not having SMB by default is a serious flaw - - - but I guess easily correctable. I can see not having SSH access. I SSH into my WD boxes less than once per year. You shouldn’t have to SSH into these things for most use cases. I don’t think I have ever SSH’d into my ***ology unit yet.

I was just about to do that after 2 years
and found out my Termius SSH program now has a monthly subscription

back to putty haha