WD My Cloud, I am very satisfied with mine

Tomorrow will make two weeks that I have had my WD My Cloud (4TB) and I am very satisfied with mine. While my main reason for having it is to backup my desktop and laptop computers I have tried out most of the other features. I have the WD My Cloud and WD Photos apps on my cell phone. Both have worked fine when I used them.


I did some research and price checks prior to buying mine. I ended up ordering it online from Best Buy. Both before buying and while waiting for it to be delivered I checked out the following site several times.


I checked out the My Cloud How it Works  several times so I would be prepared to set it up once I received it.


After picking it up at Best Buy I brought it home and set it up following the instructions step by step. I have downloaded and am using the free WD SmartWare Pro and WD Quick View. I also downloaded the User Manuals for both the WD My Cloud and WD SmartWare pdf versions. I also printed them out and placed them in a notebook so I could sit down and read them and highlight info I feel is important.


My setup is as follows, I set up the WD My Cloud by attaching the CAT6 cable I bought to my Linksys E2000 Advanced Wireless-N Router and My Cloud then I plugged in the My Cloud to a power strip. After My Cloud was recognized I went to the setup site and as I said followed all instructions step by step.


While my WD My Cloud is connected to my router by a Gigabit connection  all my other devices connect by wifi except for my cell phone and when I am away from home I connect by 3G unless wifi is available.  All devices on my network workgroup have the same workgroup name, Network Mode is set to DHCP. Media Streaming is on and I have three media players showing.


Maybe I am one of the lucky ones but so far, as I said above, I am well satisfied with My Cloud.


One other thing I will add is that my broadband is TWC Road Runner.


If you have any questions about my setup I will be glad to answer them by adding to this discussion.

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Real glad to hear somone with positive experience. I had no major problems with the setup and the new firmware update. I have a similar setup as yours and over Gb network, the system is very fast. Most of my issues are with the DLNA server experience.

Do you use the DLNA server to stream videos? If so, are you satisfied with its performance? I find mine to be very slow when I browse my share library on WD. I am using a Dish Network Hopper/Joey device that is connected on the hard-wire ethernet.

The DLNA server on WD literally takes minutes before updating to the next set of thumbnails when I am browsing for a movie. I would be happy if it simple listed the title names and let me browse faster but that is not a choice.

For simply using as a remote access storage device, WD My Cloud is a bit expensive. I already had a pretty good setup using PogoPlug and a cheap USB-HD. You can get a PogoPlug for $20 and most of us have lots of USB-HD. You can access PogoPlug from anywhere and they provide decent media browsing tools. Just not a DLNA server.


I have watched a couple of my home movies on my TV and they played alright. My media player connected to my television is a Sony SMP-N200. I can also stream from my desktop computer and sometimes watch them that way.


I only have a couple of digital movies and they are stored on Warner Brothers Digital Copy Manager and Sony Pictures Download Manager.


I have a subscription to Netflix and that is what I use to watch a lot of movies. 

I’ve had my MyCloud 2TB for the same period you’ve had your 4TB and I’ve been satisfied as well.  I bought mine specifically to stream video content to my two WDTV Live players.  Works great.  The one thing I’d suggest adding to your system (if you haven’t already) is a UPS.  If my experience continues to be favorable I plan to add another MyCloud to my network and handle PC backups as well as HD video backup.