Wd my cloud home - single unit - 4tb - not connecting to app or desktop app - (device offline)

I’ve got the WD my cloud home single 4tb unit -
I have had this nearly a year and never had a problem. It has been running constantly and never a problem at all.

Recently I have changed ISP and had to wait for new router so the unit was disconnected from ethernet but still powered on for about 3 weeks.

I’ve recently re-connected the new router and the WD CLOUD HOME unit will not do anything.

Regarding troubleshooting: I’ve restarted the router and the HDD many times, I have tried to disconnecting all other ethernets bar this one, I have done multiple re starts. I have done everything I can see online. but to no avail.

The drive is not clicking or beeping, and I can hear the drive spinning inside so I assume its working.

The mobile app and the desktop app both are saying ‘device offline’

No change when I do a soft reset or even reboot the unit by pulling out power and then re powering the unit (did this to hopefully force the re-start and boot cycle, but nothing)

I read online its stuck in a ‘boot’ cycle
and I cannot get this to change, I have also read to do this many times, which I have done over the course of the last few days, maybe 15/20 times. No luck

I need the data off the drive so I don’t want to try a hard reset, also I’ve read online that this wont work anyway.

I’ve found many people with this same problem posting since 2016.
But no answers, just problems.

A lot of them blame a firmware update, which from what I read, the unit is due or has been upgraded and this has ‘bricked’ my hdd.
is this the case?

Is there anyone who has been through this and can help me?

Thank You in advance, your help will be appreciated.

How did you get past the login screen that won’t click ?

I have the same problem with my Cloud Home. Suddenly cannot connect anymore anywhere.
I am not a wizzkid but searching on google learned me that so many people have this problem and WD is absolutely doing NOTHING to help! Not even one reaction.
I am trying everything to find a solution but it seems to be a needle in a haystack.
Very disappointed by WD.

Same here, I am using a desktop, version Big Sur. I contacted WD, but they didn’t help me at all. They replied to my question, their “solution” didn’t work and now they ignore me. I have written off WD. I took my loss, while WD lost a customer.

I am having a very similar problem, except for the app connects on my phone but my lap top wont connect and shows the device offline and I cant get on the dash board. getting very fustrating and WD support seems limited. I was even forced to down load moozzila firefox on there suggestion but it still makes no difference. About to give up

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I had the same issue and I think I resolved the issue by logging out of my WD discovery on the pc and then logging back in.

If that does not work go to the website mycloud.com/hello

That what worked for me in the past.

I had the same issue, nothing ive done helped in getting it back online, i am thinking of moving to synology but im afraid that plugging in the hdd will erase my data

Any one found a solution?

No solution, for us, I am just finding this issue as my device cloud Home is down (slow breathing and I dont want to erase datas.

I heard about USF recovery pro but the licence is 4 times the price of the device. that is clearly thief.