WD My Cloud Home Cloud drive

I see that WD Support doesn’t care about their customers
For 3 days you can’t access your data even via LAN
There is no possibility of telephone contact informing about the failure and they do not communicate with the service staff. The chat with employees does not work. Reporting the problem does not work. I do not intend to wait forever, I sent the case to the European Center for Consumer Rights
that I do not want this device and I demand a refund and all costs that I will incur in recovering my data
WD informed that this is an attack on their website I see it differently recently they informed users about the software change in these devices and now these devices do not work they only damaged themselves and now they blame

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Yes same problem here and no help to access my files which i require access too 24 hrs a day, anybody know how to hard wire it etc before i launch it into space

I had been talking up My Cloud to many people over several years. Now Western Digital has abandoned their customers. I’m furious.

Time to look at Synology NAS products.

I have.

I have a “Brand S*” box sitting right next to three WD NAS boxes (i do collect stuff like this: Bit of a hobby)

In general; “Brand S*” is at a slightly higher price point than WD products.

  • Of course; the hardware is more capable
  • Of course; the software does have several advantages.
  • Of course; you are paying for these differences.

What WD offers is “simplicity” and a nominally slicker user experience for their apps.

For someone more advanced; “Brand S*” does offer a notably better feature set; and the admin web interface is vastly superior. For example; I find managing attached USB drives much better than the NAS boxes running OS/5 (and don’t dare attach a 4TB drive to an OS/3 machine). I am not even sure you can do this with a MyCloud Home.

In terms of web access - - - - couldn’t speak to it. The OS/5 apps I found to be . . .lacking. And with potential security vulnerabilities; I have now placed ALL my NAS boxes behind a router that has no internet access. So I never tried “Brand S*” internet experience. From what I read in the manuals; it looks like they implement more of a “roll your own” remote access experience. By that I mean instead of slick phone apps; they simply open a port and establish some sort of internet link to your device. (similar to “roll your own”; where you run a VPN server on your network; and link to it remotely).

In terms of the basics. . . .I use these NAS boxes as local file servers. In that most basic of functionality: They ALL do just fine. The WD and “Brand S” boxes all work fine on my network; and access is easy-peasy. That’s because they are all implementing standard Linux file handling protocols on standard network interfaces.

In terms of the reliability and security. . . that goes to what we are seeing this week with WD server access. This very well may be a defining moment for this brand.