WD my cloud - finder, Mavericks


at the begining, sorry for my english 

I have one question/problem, I’ve tried to search it in internet but I can’t find anything in that subject (maybe becouse I’m not good in computers terminology, and I’m not sure what exectly should I look, which words)

The problem is:

When my Macbook Pro is in the same wi-fi as WD My Cloud, I can see WDmycloud in finder (left bar under the “SHARED”), and I like it, but when my Macbook is in different wi-fi network, only way to get acces to my WD My Cloud is by using “WD My Cloud” application.

Can I change it? I want to have access to my WD My Cloud permanently from finder, like my normal hard drive (ofcourse “permanently” if I have connection with any network).


Currently, you will be able to see the drive on the finder if the unit is within the same network. If you are on a different network, your will need to access the drive using the remote app the way that you are doing it now.

Thans for your reply.

You told that if I’m in different network I can get to my WD My Cloud only using remote app. But if remote app can see it and connect with it, why Finder can’t do that. I think that Finder can do that also, but I need to know the address to my WD My Cloud. Only question is what that address of my WD My Cloud is?

Anybody know that?

Please help me

The remote access applications, whether desktop or mobile device, uses your wd2go.com account that you created when you set up the drive. The applications log you into your wd2go account, which then gives you access to all the drives you have associated with your account.

Because there’s no way to have Finder log you into your wd2go account, there’s no way for it to access a drive if it’s off network. Remote access can only be achieved by going through the wd2go service.

Think of it like this. When you’re on the same network as your drive, it acts like any other NAS drive. When you’re away from your network, it acts like any other cloud storage service (like dropbox). You can’t make Finder treat your dropbox storage as if it were a local drive, and you can’t do that with the My Cloud drive either.

Thank you for your reply. Now I understand much more. Thanks for that.

But I have one more question:

You mention the dropbox - for dropbox I can create folder in Finder, and synchronize that folder with dropbox. Can I do the same or something similar with WD My Cloud?

You could probably do that with Automator. Set up a folder action that watches your my cloud drive, and copies all new files over to a specific folder on your internal hard drive.

Thank you for help. Wish you a nice day. :slight_smile: