WD My Cloud EX2100 Firmware 2.31.195 admin password invalid after changing

I just reset my WD My Cloud EX2100 to factory. When I change the default admin password to 9 characters existing of letters and numbers, I can log into the dashboard with out a problem. If I add 4 more special characters, I get invalid password when logging in. I have to reset the password to the default admin with a blank password by pressing the reset button for 4 seconds. The password that I am tying to use is the same one that I’ve been using for years. I updated to the current firmware version 2.31.195 released 9/30/2019. Has anyone else had an issue with the admin password being invalid after changing it? Is here a new character limit or special characters allowed?

@dscrap You need to go back to the WD Community, https://community.wd.com/ , and post in the sub-forum for your device. Maybe someone there has had this problem and can help solve it. You can also search the Knowledge Base.