WD My Cloud EX2 as File Server

Good morning All,
I planned to buy this My Cloud EX2 for File Server on my network.
and it will be around 30 user connect to this EX2 at the same time.
is it possible?

Thanks in advance

It can support 30 users and more - but be aware this has a very weak CPU…so that 30 users I say it can support is obviously not simultaneously. The intended target is the small office home office (SOHO)/home market where the number of users are small - at least the number of simultaneous users. So if you think you will frequently have situations where more than 3-4 users are accessing simultaneously, I would recommend you to look at more powerful options. The My Cloud EX4 is just a slightly better option CPU-wise but memory is the same.

For a more powerful NAS, esp. one that can comfortably serve files to more people simultaneously look for a NAS which has Intel Atom CPU and at least 1GB memory. WD doesn’t offer one currently, so you will have to research that from other vendors. The EX2 is ideal for many of us who need a small but capable NAS for their home. Good luck!

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Thanks …

Hi and welcome to the community Putra. Just a small correction Cybernut1, Putra might be interested in the Sentinel line of products with Intel Atom/Xeon Processors. 


Yes, you are correct jubei04…thanks for the correction. They would likely fit Putra’s requirements.