WD MY Cloud dropped off the network and can't be seen

I have the WD MY CLOUD attached to a ISP modem/router (Telus) and it’s dropped off and I can’t see it in explorer or via web browser. A ping test gets a reply with destination host unreachable.

Power cycled the My Cloud, no change, power cycled the router, no change.

Attached the My Cloud directly to a workstation and accessed it via web browser and explorer and was able to copy files to and from. Moved it back to the router and no connection via web browser or explorer again. Rebooted router and My Cloud.no change.

I have just recently uploaded alot of data on the device and did not want to reset without checking first.

I read the thread “The WD My Cloud is Disconnecting from the Network” but was not able to see a resolution. 

Any thoughts on how to access and keep My Cloud up, visible and staying up?

Just perform the 4secs reset as stated in the manual. It will not delete your personal data.