WD My Cloud disappeared from folder view

Set up My Cloud 2tb a couple of weeks ago.  Trying to download some files and My Cloud is no longer showing up in my folder view.  Any ideas as to how to get it to show up so i can transfer files through folder view instead of the very slow WD interface for this platform?

Win7 system

Hi there! :slight_smile:

You might struggle with the same issue I just a minute ago got solved!

My wireless home net is ok.

However Wd Cloud vanished totally from my laptop’s explorer (Win7 Home Prem. here)

Some how I got via my browser to Wd’s page http://wdmycloud/UI/

There: Settings / Utilities / System Factory Restore / System Only

* Please do notice: choose the first option System ONLY and all your data will be safe *

It takes a good while… Wd’s front light turns white,

another good while, then the light turns again blue

This way I got my Wd Cloud back and am now able to use it!

Have no idea why Wd Cloud vanished in the first place?!

It has worked ok for a longer time and today, also yesterday Wd Cloud just disappeared!

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Would be the very first one. =)

Thank You!

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Worked. Thank you very much.

Great to hear that your problem got solved too! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback!

if it happens again try going to \ipaddress in Windows explorer. Windows seems to have issues detecting items on a home/adhoc LAN