WD My CLoud Desktop (Win7) not connecting

I am not able to access anymore my My Cloud disk through the desktop application V1.0.7.17, so in local mode.
Everything was fine few weeks ago and I didn’t change anything on my routeur, FW or Avast.

I can connect and access the disk with Explorer, with the WD control Panel and with the My Cloud Web site.

But with My Cloud Desktop app, the disk is seen but when it comes to the connection the name value is empty and it is not possible to enter anything. Then with the password, the connection is of course refused.

I tried directly from the mail panel with an WDMyCloud.com login (which is ok on the website) and the disk is correctly seen but I have a “Failed to connect to the device” answer like this one:

Everything is like the My Cloud Desktop app V1.0.7.17 lost the account informations.

What can I do to get back this local access?

@PCX It no longer works. I uninstalled it on my computers.

WD no longer supported the WD Desktop application. It has been end of life (EoL) since 2016. A recent firmware update for both single bay My Cloud models causes the Desktop app to no longer function properly. For local network access one is supposed to use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to access Shares. For remote access to the My Cloud one is supposed to use the MyCloud.com web portal or enable (insecure) FTP, configure the local router to port forward FTP port to the My Cloud and use an FTP client to access the My Cloud.

Thank you for those answers.
It’s very strange because even it is no longer supported, it was running pretty few week ago. So something must have change and it is not this app! So THE question: what?

I can of course use the Explorer access but to get a link to share you must use WD app and I do not want to go through Internet Web site for that each time.
Is there a new app to replace My Cloud Desktop? WD Access for Windows??

A recent firmware update is the cause. One can attempt downgrade their firmware but they risk opening up security holes that are patched by later firmware.

No. WD has decided that the web portal is the default method of remote access and creating links for sharing files/data.

Very clear, thank you.

I am no fool guy! So no downgrading.

In the contexte of data privacy it’s a pity to oblige people to go to Internet to acces functonalities on their own local data! And, to me, it’s no good for brand trust.
Next time I will have a look on Synology disk.

Anyway thanks.

WD also has a Knowledgebase article covering the Desktop program no longer working.



The My Cloud Desktop App v1.07 for WIndows and macOS is EOL with a final release in February and March of 2016.
The Desktop App is not validated for use on:

My Cloud Firmware Version 04.04.03-113 and higher
** v04.03-113 was released on 05/23/2016

My Cloud Firmware Version 2.11.153 and higher
** v2.11.153 was released on 10/18/2016

My Cloud Firmware Version 2.21.111 and higher
** v2.21.111 was released on 07/18/2016


MyCloud.com can be used on supported Web Browsers to access a My Cloud from a local or remote location.