WD My Cloud, constant disk thrashing

Hi, first post

Just bought a WD My Cloud.  I am usinmh this for data backup and DNLA for streaming movies etc to my TV

I have noticed the HD is running all the time and does not go to sleep.

I have read on the forum about how to stop this however if I want DNLA do I have to just put up with the disk thrashing?

If you just uploaded a bunch of content to the disk, it is busy indexing, thumbnailing, resizing, etc. Depending on the amount of content, it might take a couple of days.

If you want DLNA, you indeed need to have media indexing on, and that is big piece of the above work.

The NAS will wake up regularly to do maintenance tasks along the same lines, check for updates, etc. So many users have reported that even when it goes to sleep, it is only for 15mn or so, your mileage will vary.

The good thing is that this NAS is very silent (no fan, not much vibration compared with a Synology, for example), and NASes are designed to run all the time.

Many thanks

So stopping the indexing and thumbnailer services is not a good idea?