Wd my cloud app not working with new router and note 9

i have changed my old router to a new one,
all UPNP is working (i can see in the router all ports are open and in “cloud tab” i can see that it WD says “Port forwarding connection established”
and i can access my files from the app, but it’s not backing up any thing.

I’ve tried to allow access to a user, generate new cod, nothing happend.

This app is so cr@p as hell !! each time i have new problem with it and WD not updating it !

and the support in my country say “we do not support issues with the app”

so what the point if i can’t backup my mobile phone? why did you created the app from the begining !

@WebsGhost If you would like some help you need to provide more information. Which app are you talking about, the Mobile app or Desktop app? What type of mobile phone do you have and what operating system is on it? What country are you in? Was everything working with your old router? If yes, did you give the new one the same name and passwords for connections?

What generation of My Cloud do you own and what version of Firmware do you have on it?

I have samsung note 9
and i’am talking only about the mobile app.

my cloud gen is the first one.

firmware is old, becouse once i’ve upgradet it, it become awful to use, so i’ve downgraded it to

WDMyCloud v04.05.00-315 - this made my device working better and faster again.

but it warked great until i’ve change my router.

@WebsGhost What router do you have now?

I changed mine, upgraded, just a few months back and haven’t had any problems. I did give my new router the same name, wi-fi connections 2.4 and 5 the same names and passwords. Once I had it set up and rebooted it all my devices were reconnected.

My cell phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 and my photos are backed up without any problems when I am on wi-fi.

this is WD Photos, not My cloud app…

@WebsGhost WD is focused on providing exceptional customer experiences with our products. With that focus, from time to time we retire legacy software products that are no longer consistent with WD’s customer experience ecosystem. Accordingly, WD Photos mobile application has been retired and removed from the Google Play and Apple App Store effective May 9, 2017 and is no longer available for download.

I mean that the screenshot that you have posted is from the WD photos

@WebsGhost Sorry, that was an older screen shot. I have the same settings though on the My Cloud App. Auto Backup>Wi-Fi only for backup, Photos/Movies go to my Public folder>a named folder.

that’s the thing that it’s not working, but i was able to make the old WD Photos to backup (this is so strange, on the My cloud it’s not working but on the older one it is :flushed: