WD My Cloud app Android update breaks playing mp3s

Quite a few recent poor ratings on the Android Play Store due to this issue. A few seconds of an mp3 play the it resets to the start of the file, and sits there for a minute before the same thing happens again. Nexus 5 on Android 4.4.4, both on mobile network and home wifi. Latest firmware on WD NAS, and it works fine on my old Ipod using the IOS version of the app.


Hi weatherman22, we have passed this along to support. 

Thanks for passing on. To clarify it is a Nexus 4, not 5. Additional troubleshooting steps - cleared all data from app, (which meant I had to create and use a new activition code, which is now My Cloud instead of WD2go. Unfortunately the issue remains.


Well after a brief period of being fixed playing music from the MBL is broken again.

I can browse all my files, even load pictures, but the music will not play. 

I am now getting the message “The music cannot play, continue to next song”. The app well then go right through my collection and play nothing.

Anyone have any idea what might trigger this message?


This is happening on my Samsung Galaxy S4 as well.  I think I’l send my device back.  I also intermittantly get the network error 909.  Pretty usless if you can’t rely on it.

Try this as a 'solution" until the My Cloud app is fixed:  use a different app. 

There is a free, great app called Avia for Android and Kindle.  I use it on my Kindle tablet to play music, videos , photos from my device (My Passport Wireless) that uses My Cloud app, as well as any other sources I have that don’t use My Cloud.  I love the playlist feature of Avia, too.  (See my recent related post here about playlists for more info.)  http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud-Mobile-Apps/Playing-from-Playlists/td-p/862992

In fact, I like Avia much better than the My Cloud app.