WD My Cloud and BT Home Hub 3 - Can't connect over Internet

WD My Cloud connected to BT Home Hub 3. Works great in the house on local wifi network but over the internet using iPad app and browser, cannot connect. Connection to shares and My Cloud device just hangs there. Are there some router setting required on my BT Home Hub 3? please advise as really frustrating. :angry:

If you’re using an Ipad, there is an app in the store call WD My Cloud which lets you connect to the device. 

Thanks - I have that and it works in my home but not when I am connected via the internet. It looks like the router settings are preventing incoming access from the internet and I can’t figure out how to open it up.

Goto the WD My Cloud dashboard > Settings > General > Remote Access section.  What is your connection status? 

If you want to open the port, in the Remote Access section in Settings > General, click configure, manual, set both HTTP and HTTPS to a custom port other than the ones listed and save.

In your router, look under either the firewall or security advance settings and look for port forwarding.  “IP” would be the IP of your WD My Cloud, “External port”  would be the custom port that you set on the WD My Cloud, “Internal port” would be port 80.

Do another port forwarding, this time for HTTPS, Internal would be 443.  See example circled in red:

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Thanks very much - I managed to find a way of sorting out the appropriate port forwarding on my router and I can now access from the internet. Thanks again!


Can I ask how you managed to get your My Cloud working on the BT Home Hub 3?

I’m still struggling…

Still having trouble myself - all good and well saying it’s a solution but showing different screens from a cisco router… Has anyone got screenshots of a BT Home hub to help us out here please?

I have exactly the same problem with BTHub3 - great connection in the house with my wifi network but over the internet using iPad with external wifi - to no avail. I have changed my IP to static address, forwarded correct ports etc but unfortunately without any success. Could you advise, please??

Post a screenshot fo your port forward configuration from the BT router or screen shot of the port forwarding page

This my screenshot. The same ports hve been configured in configuration of Cloud access.


I have a bt home hub 3? I just connected the drive to the gigabit port and it has worked remotely without an issue from day one, unless it had turned itself off, which it was initially doing every night.

That issue seems to be resolved with the latest firmware as has been fine for a couple of weeks now without a disconnect.

Once again : I have no problems with connection with my home wifi  in the house -  but I cannot establish connection from outside with third party wifi networks  using iPad app. This is the issue.