WD my Cloud 2 TB is no longer displayed on the TV =???

Good morning,

I have a problem after updating my MyClud 2 TB. this was all the time on firmware version 2.8.

Now we have updated it toFirmware #5.12.108.

The problem now is that with our Samsung TV GQ55Q60RGTXZG after the update we no longer get the media storage displayed.

The TV is also equipped with the latest firmware.

Does anyone here know why this no longer works?

Thanks for your help.

Open your WD and enable DLNA.

Have you set up the Twonky app.?

If Twonky is set up but your My Cloud is still not showing have you rebooted your TV to see if it shows?

Great, with Twonkey it works :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:t3:

Thank you all.