WD My Book World Edition (blue rings)


I have bought WD My Book World Edition (blue rings) several years ago. I haven’t used it for three years and now I want to use it for my work. I used Mionet as a way to access my files and copy/paste/delete them. Can I use any ftp clients (like Filezilla) to access my files? How can I do that? I don’t want to access them remotely, just locally from my computer. Mionet is the worst way to do that and I can’t find it for free anymore.

Thank you!!

Hi, Mionet have been discontinued and therefore not available for use, unfortunately the My Book World does not have a way to be accessed the drive via FTP.

Hello, can I acces the hard disk without the case?
I had to unistall de hard drive from the case, I don´t have the case anymore but I have the hard disk. I connected it to my laptop using an external usb case but I can’t see the structure of my files or even a hard disk letter asigned to it, thank you