WD MY Book with Smartware won't prompt for password

I just recently upgraded the Smartware Software to v  I have security on my drive, and prior to the upgrade I was prompted for my password on start up.

When I upgraded, I followed the instructions regarding the firmware (which turned out to be the same firmware version as before) and then the software.  Now the drive stays in “Discovering Drive” mode and won’t prompt for the password on start up.  I actually have to double click the system tray icon to get it to where it will prompt for password.

I have tried (per WD) uninstalling the software and installing the new software (WHICH I WOULD ASSUME HAS THE MOST UP TO DATE FIRMWARE) to no avail.  WD Support also suggested I install the software on another PC, remove the security and then reconnect it.  This seems ludicrous to me.

Anyone have a solution?