WD My Book White Light 1TB WD10000H1NC-00

Was working perfectly.

Last Monday evening…could not detect it.  Nothing found on the network.

Not in Disk Management, Windows Explorer, WD Link, Can see this thing for nothing.

I can turn it off, on, white light does its thing.  reset it with the reset button.  I can feel it spin up.

What the heck happened?

try connecting direct to the pc’s ethernet port

try another cable… 

did you try to ping the drive already?

how are you connecting to it on windows explorer? 

I was connecting to it with the WD software that came with it.  Mapped it and it was always there when  booted up.

I did connect it to the ethernet port of the PC.  I did switch cables.

How do I ping it.?  I know of no IP address to ping.

Thanks for your continued help.


cmd > ping mybookworld

I have exactly the same problem.  It starts up and the white light goes on and then it stops working.

Still struggling with this thing. 

Connect the drive to the computer direct

open a web browser and type //mybookworld and see if it shows