WD My Book vs WD Elements

What is the difference between WD My Book vs WD Elements. I would like to backup old computer and transfer files to new computer.

WD My Books have Password Protection and Hardware Encryption

WD Elements do not.

Both drives are suitable for backup … if you just need Basic Storage for backup purposes the WD Elements is the cheaper option. (i personally only buy Elements as i don’t need password protection and hardware encryption is not a desirable feature for me [Read Below]

Also to note … if the External Enclosure fails for any reason

With the WD Elements you can simply remove the internal hard drive and put it in a 3rd party external enclosure to retrieve your data.

You can’t do that with a WD My Book … the data is hardware encrypted and your computer will just prompt you to format the hard drive … Losing your data :face_with_raised_eyebrow: