WD My book not shoving up any data/partition

On my external disk “My Book”,

  • 2tb
  • usb3
  • Model Number: WDC20EARX-32PASB0 (ATA)
  • Serial WD-WCAZAE082714
  • bought in 2012

Led started blinking in an anomalous manner, and it was connecting and disconnecting from pc continuosly.
Supposing it may be a powersupply failure or a usb interface failure, I unmounted it and installed in a pc via sata connector.
The hard disk is recognized by BIOS.
It is not shoved among available drives in WIN 10, but it is seen in device manager and in disk management is showed as unallocated. It asked me to inizialize the disk, but It means a data loss.

I want to recover all the files in the disk, but I can’t access it.

I’m trying to analize it with Disk Test 7.1, but it shows me no partition.

I red tha WD disks are encrypted by default.

I’ve been using the HDD as it came out of the box, without formatting in a different way from the one you factory did, vut without using WS SmartWare or other backup software.

What can I do to to relieve my data?