WD My Book - more than 500 GB of files missing!

Dear all,

I am using a 1TB WD Mybook to store my backup files for more than a year (using simple copy & paste method). It is now almost full at about 913 GB. Recently, when I used adobe bridge CS3 to open files in a sub-sub folders (f:\notebook\2011_02_28), I encountered some problems ie. some of the files in folder 2011_02_28 cannot be read. When I exited the program and re-opened adobe bridge again, I noticed that all the files and folders under the sub-folder f:\notebook (there are hundreds of folders & thousands of files here, approx 500GB) disappeared :shocked: I checked the filesize used for my WD Mybook and it says 913GB which suggests that these files must have hidden somewhere in Mybook. I can read the files of other folders/subfolders stored in Mybook. 

I would appreciate if if someone could advise me on how to recover these files? Thank you.

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Try going into the device manager and deleting the drive for the external remove the drive then reboot system and reconnect. Sometimes that fixes things. One copy is not a backup you need it stord in at least 2 places.


Thanks for your reply!

I am not really good at computer but I tried your method as follows:

From Control Panel, I select <Hardware & Soung>

  • click

  • click

  • click <WD My Book USB Device

  • click uninstall

  • reboot the system and reconnect

I still cannot locate my 500GB files.  Did I do it correctly?  Please advice again.

Thank you very much!