WD My Book Live 3TB

Hi all,
I am looking for some guidance. I am trying to connect a WD My Book Live 3TB to a Netgear GS605 switch without success.
I am able to connect GS05 through an Audiocodes MP252 router.
I currently have a Asrock Z68Pro3 motherboard and wanted to utilise the gigbit speeds that both it and the MYBook offer using GS05 switch. THe MP252 is 10/100mbit thus the reason for me wanting to use the switch.
I am pretty much a novice when it comes to networking, and not sure what I need to do to accomplish this task.

Any help is much appreciated.

Check if the switch has auto negotiation mode and make sure is enabled.

Once the drive is getting connectivity, follow the steps on the link bellow to complete the installation.

How to install a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo on Windows (8, 7, Vista, or XP) or Mac OSX for the first time


Chances are you may need a “Crossover Cable” to connect the switch to the router.  That is, unless your GS105 supports Auto-MDIX on all ports.   (My recollection is that it does NOT – that there is ONE port on it with a push-button that controls the port function.)

If your switch has that push button port, make sure the cable between your router and switch is using that port, and then try the push-button until you get a LINK light on both ends.

So, other than that, can you give us more info as to exactly what the problem is?

I am trying to …


but have not been successful. Internet access is ok but I am unable to locate ‘My book live’ on the network when connected as above, however when I connect as below I am able to access the drive all be it very slowly - file copy speeds of less than 8 mbits per second.


Pictures taken courtesy of  … http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5736/session/L3RpbWUvMTM0NjI3MTM1NS9zaWQvcVNTdlZXNGw%3D

I am currently at work but will check the switch for a push button port  when I get home - not sure if this unit has one though. Now as for a crossover cable I have not fitted one. Will purchase one today - would you be kind enough to advise where this would connect, i.e., from my book to switch, or from switch to pc etc.

Many thanks for you help guys … am extremely keen to improve my throughput using the switch

cheers Neil

The crossover would go between the switch and the router… But the docs suggest it should not be needed. Are you getting the correct link LED indications on all the ports?

Please verify the IPs you get at both setups. Wondering if you have 2 DHCP servers…

If you are getting the same IPs and/or network range, see if you can find MBL by its IP instead.

Hi ,When connected through the switch both PC & WDL show up green however the router shows up Orange.

You’ll have to tell us what that means…

Orange means connected at 10/100, green means connected at 1gbit speeds. I know my router which is supplied by my isp ‘iprimus’ only uses a 10/100 speed, thus the reason for trying a switch and bypassing the router - it is a fibre router with voip and they will not support any other model at the moment


PS I am still at work so will see if I can look at the addresses when I get home

Sorry I have been a little busy with this time of year.

Help still much appreciated.

Still no luck - have now set a static IP for the MBL. Tested and connected successfully when connected via the MP252 but when connected to the switch  - no sign of the drive. Bought crossover cable cat6 (no others avail) - no success

rgds Neil

hmmm did you rea my post? 

But now since you have a static IP, see if you can ping the default gateway. I still believe you have to different networks…

Sorry I am getting confused now.

Talking to a friend yesterday I reversed the order of connection so now it is …

Internet to router, router to switch, switch to pc, MBL to switch. I am able to ping it with a static IP however it advised that connection was intermittent, so I changed it back to DHCP … round and round I go

Connection is now found via the switch but I am still limited to 10/100 speed connection with transfer or write sppeds of max 11mb/s

make sure you have a cat 5e or newer cables.