WD My Book Essentials Hardware Encryption

I am think about purchasing a WD My Book Essentials 1.5 TB hard drive.  Is the hardware encryption feature built into the hard drive itself or is it built into the External Enclosures circuit board?  Is the hard drive itself an SATA?  The reason that I ask this is for possible future conversion to an internal hard drive backup hard drive.

Basically, is it possible to later remove the hard drive from the External Enclosure and use it as an internal SATA hard drive?  I realize that this would probably void the Warranty.

Thanks in Advance.

The encryption is on the circuit board in the enclosure. I’m not sure about using it as an internal drive. The data is unusable without that board. If you don’t want the encryption just get an Elements it doesn’t use encryption.


I tried before It did not work. The drive is encrypted.