WD My Book Essentials 3 Terabyte lists in Device Manager but not under 'My Computer'

The WD 3 Tb stopped showing up on my computer. It spins up fine and is listed in (Device Manager - Disk Drives - as: WD My Book 1140 USB Device). Tthe Device status states -’ This device is working properly’. When I tried to update the drivers it says the Wizard cannot find a better driver. When I plugged into an older computer the ‘New Found Hardware’ Wizard started up and completed but that computer also fails to list it under hard drives in ‘My Computer’.   I just ran LifeGuard and it lists -  2   WD My Book  - 1140 USB  -  WDC-Rom  SN# XYZ  -  Capacity 0  - Smart Status  ? Not Available.   When I highlight it in LifeGuard and right click and open properties I get:   Drive#2  -  Device Type USB  -  Capacity  0.00GB  -  Firmware revision  1003  -  Health Status  Warning - Device Serial #    WDCROM SN# XYZ.

So why does the computer see it on one hand ( new found wizard, listed under device manager, is seen by Lifeguard) but fails to list it in the My Computer window under hard drives 9so I can open it).  A huge number of posts on this exact problem on the net but I have not been able to find a solution. I tried to hook-up the hard drive to my PC directly per other posts but that did not work. (did not even spin up) It did spin up as usual after I reattached the usb circut board and moved it back to my laptop to keep trying. When it is not connected it does not show up under device manager or lifeguard, but comes right up on both when I do connect it. **bleep** Over ? Thanks for any help! I have not opened the case yet as I see that is a really bad idea. Just movies and pictures but it should be fixable !?

The WD LifeGuard test results says: Test Error Code: 08- Too many bad sectors detected.  One guy on you tube repaired the 3 Tb by replacing the board from a new 3Tb he purchased, but before it would work, he had to change out the chip that came with the new board with the chip from the old board and got everything working. He says they sell repacement boards as well, but I believe you still have to R and R the chip. He said his site was ( www.hde-parts.com),,) he was difficult to understand. Another circut board supplier I came accross was (onepcbsolution.com). I am sure there are many more?

Fixed! I took it back and got my money back. F-WD. No support from WD with so many asking? No circut board sales etc.? F off. I’m off to another brand.