WD My Book Essential 3TB won't power up

Hello everyone.

I have this WD My Book Essential 3TB USB 3.0 (P/N: WDBACW0030HBK-00 4511D) that won’t power up any longer.

This what happened before it stopped working: I accidentally plugged the power supply from another external HDD. The only difference between the two power adaptors is that WD (Ktec) shows Input 0.6A, whereas the other HDD adaptor is 0.8A. Did I fry the the WD by using the higher Amperage?

When plugged and connected to the laptop, no sounds or light come out of the unit. However, every 15-20th time I stick the usb cable (the flattened end the goes into the HDD), a brief flash of light  shows on the inside, as if it power for a nanosec, but no sound (fan). 

Can someone help?

Thank you very much,


They may be different voltages. Check the posts by fzabkar he has explained about testing and some times bypassing a diode. He’s the only one with a real understanding f the boards. You can also try a PM.



What do you mean different voltages?

The two power sources are the same voltage. Here’s what they read:

WD’s original adaptor:

input: 100-240V ~

            50-60Hz 0.6A

output: 12V ===1.5A

The one that I used by mistake reads the same label, but 0.8A.


Now i’m back to using the original WD adaptor, but the damage may have been done that one time i used the wrong adapter (I just hope the damage is not permanent, and i can still recover my data).

I have hope, because some  power goes in (every 15th-20th time I plug the usb cable into the unit)- the light comes on for a short flash, but the unit won’t hold power.


I am not a technical person, and I’ve read some related posts about diodes and whatnot (soldering, etc).

Where can i take the unit to be repaired (warranty ran out). 


Anyone any idea how much we are talking here for the repair? (couple bucks, tens, hundreds)?


Also, can anyone confirm data may not be completely lost? Kinda calm my fears.


How about taking the unit apart and using it as SATA HD? I’ve read about some WD proprietary encryption issues on older models. Is that the case with this model (3TB)?