WD My Book Essential 3 TB - Power Consumption, please Help

I tried to find everywhere the power consumption of MY 3tb Book Essential External Hard Drives

However not even the manual states the specs for the power consumption In:

Activity Mode

Idle Mode

Stand By Mode

Many Sites state different number for their power consumption,

Most of the times my drives are in StandBy Mode. What is the power consumption in Watts for all these modes? And what is the best energy saving option? Please if you know the “Official- Accurte” current power consumption of those drives , reply.

Thank You

Hello, I would recommned you to  contact WD as they should be able to provide this information for you, please let us know what you find out.

I revieved this incomplete.answer…

Dear …

thank you for contacting Western Digital with your question.

The power the device uses when active is 12 Volts - 1.5 Amps - 18 Watts.

It always uses this power even if the drive is spinning down.

It is a constant.


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18 Watts? it is an energy eater ,

and what does consume in stand by mode? who knows…