WD My Book Disconnects When VPN In Use

Hello all,

I have 2 questions.

  1. I’m experiencing a very anoying problem. My WD drive is unreachable when I have a VPN client running, which I use to remote into my work system to work from home. It works great as long as the VPN is not active. Is this due to a port conflict or something? Can this be resolved?

  2. I fogot the password to my WD My Book Live drive. Is there a way to reset it without losing all my data?


1.- That is part of your VPN, it is called “Split tunneling” and most work VPN have that setting due to security reasons. In a few words, when connected to the VPN, you do not have any local resources available to you.


2.- If you had SSH enable, maybe.  Google it.

Shabuboy is exactly right.  

However, I can still access my drive via corporate VPN.

Home net --> VPN to corporate network --> Home Net via WD2go.

I seldom do that because it’s a pain, but it is possible…

holding in the small button with a paperclip, etc, for 5 seconds will reset password and network settings, but not erase data.


True, could use the App for that but not for uploads. What I do however, since I enable SSH, I connect to it via SCP/SFTP to it when connected at VPN from home.

Of course, it takes a bit more changes to make it happen such as enabling SSH, add users able to SSH (do not recommend “root”), forward port on router and DDNS.


oh yeah! and changing root’s password from default one!!!

That’s why it’s far easier for me to just drop the VPN when I need to print or access something local, the bring it back up. :smileyvery-happy: