WD My Book AV-TV 2Tb connected to Samsung TV

Hi all
My first posting on the community forum. I think I have selected the right section. If I haven’t please point me in the right direction.

I have a Samsung UE43KS7500 TV which is supposed to record to an external disc. I have the My Book connected to it, but recording is a dismal failure. The TV will not record anything if it is switched off, which makes it a bit useless.

Has anybody had any experience with this drive and Samsung TVs? Also, should the TV automatically switch the drive on if it has gone to sleep?

I would be very grateful for any advice at all as I am not getting anywhere with Samsung support
Thanks in advance

The Shadowman,

To record from the TV to the drive you need to make sure the drive is turned on. If the drive is going on sleep mode you can change the sleep timer for the drive using WD drive utilities software.

Please refer to the page 28-29 of the user manual below to know how can you change the sleep timer for your My Book drive:

Please follow the below link to download WD drive utilities: