WD My book and Ubuntu: I need your advices?


I have just bought a new “WD My Book Desktop Storage 3TB USB 3.0”.

Before starting to use it,

I need your advices to set it right for working both in Windows 7 and Ubuntu (12.04 or higher)… and also OSX.

I have to say that I am not interested in the ecryption of data but more interested in the readability/accessibility of data.

It should be always accessable from any where, at any OSs.

Should I reformat it first? with which utility/software? in which OS.

I have read something about “unlock.exe”. Do I need to turn it off before formating the drive?

Should I check/make a firmware update first?

or should I just return it and buy some other brand?

Thanks a lot in advance

Manufacturer Product Code WDBFJK0030HBK-NESN

Hi all again,

There are also some comments on the MBR and GPT formated drives.

Do I need to partition my drive? with gparted or what?

The data that I will put in the drive is of high importance for me… surely as in your case too.

and the data includes to many files… 4mil or higher

I need your immediate assistance guys.

Hello sabrisabriout, Linux is not supported by WD, but for Windows and Mac you can format it using exFAT file system. The unlock.exe is only used to unlock the My Book when you use password protection. Check the link below for more information. 

How to format a WD external hard drive in exFAT or FAT32 (to use in Windows or Mac OSX) 

Explanation of exFAT (Extended File Allocation Table, FAT64) 

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Thanks for the reply.

But I will most ly use this disk on Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit

I am sorry that I have not clearly stated that. OSX is not that important for now.

So I guess, I have to return it back.

Best regards

Hi again, note that “Not supported” doesn’t mean that it wont work, but due to the large number of Linux versions it cannot be guaranteed. I would first try to verify what file systems are supported on your Linux version. 

I have returned it back and bought wd essential 2tb.

Now, I am formatting it in ntfs. Hope, it works.