WD My Book 8TB wont let my computer reboot

My 8TB MyBook keeps my computer from turning on or rebooting past the BIOS screen. However when I remove power from the Ext HDD everything works normally. The My Book is visible in Device Mgmt and does operate properly but cant get my computer to reboot unless it is unplugged. I’ve changed USB 3.0 ports but no difference.


Not sure about MY Book, but I suggest you check you startup Bios or Boot settings. The MY Book drive should be included somewhere in there.


I had a similar issue with my HP Laptop. I believe the laptop BIOS was searching through the drive to find bootable files. I believe the BIOS could not handle the size of the drive. I disabled the ability for the laptop to boot to a USB device and it took care of my issue.

I suspect you are right. Mine is a legacy Intel MOBO with the last available update dated 2013. Thanks for the information.