WD my book 4TB corrupted question

Hello all,
I have a 4TB drive that I use to backup a PC with some rather important files. My goal was to use the drive so that when the fire alarm goes off I can grab the drive and head out the building with everyone else and a backup of my important files. During the fire drill yesterday I wanted to test it so I pulled the USB and power and went outside with the drive. There were currently no backups running to the drive and nothing open that was looking to it. It is used strictly through windows backup. However, upon coming back from the drill I plugged it in to find it was corrupted. Since this was just a drill it’s not a big deal I just formatted it again and started another backup. My question however is this going to be a reoccurring theme? Do I have to properly eject it to prevent corruption? By the way when I say it corrupted I mean all the files became corrupted and unreadable it didn’t matter what it was I could not read it from the drive. Is there something I can do to make this viable or should I look else wear for a solution?

Thank You in Advance.

It appears that the drive was encrypted. Do you use a Password to connect to the drive? I f so, it is encrypted? You can erase and start over with out the password and encryption.

No I do not use a password to connect to the drive and I did not encrypt it. The drive works fine now I already reformatted it and got it working my question is will this happen if I do the same thing? I have quick disconnect enabled under device manager.

Sorry if I did not help you. I cannot answer the question as posed.

All good I appreciate the response.

Instead of reformatting, you could have run the Windows disk scan utility to repair the errors. Only reformat if scan did not solve the problem. Google for windows disk scan for more info.

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Was definitely an option I did not think of. If it happens again I will give it a try, but what I want to know is this going to happen again? Is there a way to quickly remove the drive safely without logging into the PC?

Thank You for your reply.

You must be actively logged on the PC to use safely remove any device via the tray.

great idea