WD My Book 1230 (USB) not working

I have got up this morning to find my drive not working.
It is visible in device manager, however, any attempt to access it from windows explorer is not possible.
I have run the WD Data Lifeguard Tools tests and it passes both the quick and exdtended diagnostic tests however, i note two facts…

  1. Its capacity is “0MB”
  2. SMART status is “?Not available”

I have tried it in a second Windows desktop pc same problem.
I have also removed it from the case and installed it directly as an internal hdd…no improvement.
What has happened?
What should i do now?

Hi, as you have tried using a different computer and the drive is not recognized, and also the SMART status is unknown, I would contact a professional data recovery to get the information out of the drive.

You might also want to contact support and see if they have any information.