WD My 8TB Just Stops Working

Bought a 8TB WD My Book
I turned it on 2x to store files (no more then 15mins powered on & plugged in)
Stored in a Pelican Air Hard Case
Just Over A Year Old Now, it doesn’t work.
You guys have a very bad product & its sad & pathetic that id have better luck buying a laptop & using that as a Backup hard drive.

Thanks for the loss off all my ■■■■ here, lucky for me I had 2.
non the less, stop producing ■■■■, if your just browsing & reading, let whats written bellow sink in deep.

15min of use in 1yr (15mins Includes how long its been powered on) Stored in a military grade storage container. Do Not BUY This Junk, A Acer will last longer then this junk, buy that & use as you external harddrive, hell of a lot more reliable…

Hi soooo,

You should contact WD Support for such an issue. To contact WD support, you can refer to the links mentioned below.