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WD indicates the new iOSApp Version 4.0.0 comes with playlist capability and WD Music Player.  As such, I created a playlist on the WD My Cloud application version on the PC.  This playlist was stored under the public/playlists folder on My Cloud.

When I access the playlist from my iOS devises I see the playlists but the iOS app does not recognize or play the playlist.  Additionally, I haven’t figured out how to create a playlist from the iOS devise.

Any help is appreciated…John

Where did WD indicate that playlist capability was added?

Greetings…when the iOS My Cloud app automatically upgraded and I opened it for the first time it requires you to scroll through about 4 or 5 pages before it opens the app.  Those pages described the enhancements including that of the new play list capability and WD Music Player.  When I went home and opened the updated PC app it said the same thing.

Since then, I’ve scoured the WD website to gleen more info but I haven’t found anything.

I did create a new play list in My Cloud on the PC for the first time.  The PC recognizes the play list and will play through the WD Music Player. 

The iOS My Cloud app sees the play list but doesn’t recognize (picture with ?) the file and will not open it or the WD Music Player. 

This pretty much tells me there still is no mobile play list capabilities for WD My Cloud?

Here are a couple of images from my PC but so far I am unable to play the one I created on my Android phone. No player for the .m3u. When I play it on my computers it opens and plays on the Windows Media Player.

I read the same thing as you about the playlist and if I find it again I will post it here.

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cat0w (USA)

Thanks for the info.  Heres a couple of images from my pc.  The first shows the Labor Day 2014.m3u that I created on my pc that is not connected to my home My Cloud/network  (It’s been only a week since I created this playlist and now I forgot how I did it ???..can you remind me?).  Also I previously tried creating a playlist from my iphone and was unable to do it.

The second pic shows the WD Music Player playing the playlist after I double clicked it. 

Hmmm.   I can’t even get my m3u’s to play correctly.   The Music Player window opens, but nothing happens.

Can you show the contents of your m3u file?

To create a playlist first open up the My Cloud app. Use the dropdown list under Favorites and choose Playlist. After this click on Create Playlist, then click on the new playlist and the popup to create it will open. Find the location of your music and drag and drop to the playlist. When finished be sure to save it. See image below.

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Unlike in my earlier post about the Windows Media Player  when I clicked on my playlist this time it opened up the player and started playing the songs. See image below. This image will look better if you click on my User Name and look at My Images. Should be the first one, at this time.

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