WD - Movie stream at work

Hello, i bought WD MY CLOUD HOME… if i’m at home works all fine, but if i go to work and try to watch movie from HDD… from web access like normal web login on HDD… movies lagging… i think i have slow upload on my home network because i have only : download :15Mbit/s ////// upload :2Mbit/s.

What minimum upload i must have to watch normaly 720p movie? :slight_smile: or isn’t upload problem? :thinking:

@ Slavcik Look at the following and see if it will answer your question.

Wi-Fi Speeds (Internet Speeds)

Here are my speeds, but, I have a total of 19 devices on my home network. Of these 19 are my 4K TV, Security Cameras that upload video often along with two WD My Cloud devices etc.

How many computers are in use where you work? How many may be on the internet at the same time?
What type of Internet Service do you have at work, who is your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

Hello, thx for answer :slight_smile:

So when im at home we have 1PC and 1notebook. PC is only mine and only me use that WD my cloud home. My parents are only on internet looking some youtube videos… or somethink… :slight_smile:

When i go work this is place where is about 100pc but download speed is pemanently about 25Mbit/s…
upload i dont know… but this is only for me… i want watching some films or videos when i have do nothing to do.

My ISP is Vospol :slight_smile: but in work is Orange :slight_smile:

The home upload speed is the problem. 2MB/s is basically the bare minimium, so you’re going to struggle even before anything else may be using any of that bandwidth or you may get variations depending on time of day and ISP network load.

From personal experience at least 10MB/s is a comfortable level to stream stuff from home outward to somewhere else on the remote net, although the actual usable minimum is probably somewhere in between 2 and 10.

All that said I’m a little surprised that a company network would allow such access at all, not to mention their views on you watching stuff at work perhaps :wink: