WD MBWE 4TB SMART Error and Sys Temp treshold Exceeded


This happened to me 2 days back. I reboot the NAS and everything worked fine. Today, I could not see any files on my 2nd drive. (I have setup RAID as JBOD).  I checked under storage - volumes and raid management,it said could not mount drive. I reboot the NAS, and it show the files in that drive again. After few mintues, the 2nd drive could not be accessed at all.

wd failure.JPG

extended volume fail.JPG

I have removed the faulty drive and created an RMA for it. I want to know is it safe to run the unit with only 1 drive in it ?


I sent the faulty drive for RMA and the y have sent me WD20EARX drive as replacement ( this is SATA 6gb/s drive) . Can I use this drive in WD MBWE II White light ( One drive is WD20EADS, and the other will be WD20EARX

did you acknowledge the message at the top before reboot NAS? i suppose there’s only 1 way to find out if the earx drive works and thats to pop it in. im concerned that if you had your drive set to JBOD…you have lost the data on the failed drive?!