Wd mbl 3tb

Just bought one.

Looked great at start

The Twonky database has been stuck at same file for more than a aday now.

Reset the database etc, and still stuck.

Xbox only sees some of the media as a result.

Any suggestions please?

Remove the file?

I can indeed take the files out. And yet they worked fine { and still do } on a lacie netspace 2 (inferior IMO) NAS drive.

No reason why they shouldnt work.

Question is - do I need twonky to stream to x box 360 via network ? It seems to be twonky library thats fubah’d

Thanks in advance

Should also say removing the file just brought up the next file to be stuck on.

In all honesty, I am confused by this, frustrated and a little bit let down by a product that simply should work.