WD manager_WD access and WD Sync keep failing

Every time it disappears from my menu bar at some point and stops working. What can I do about it? For example, the MyCloud is not kept up to date with new files. Synchronizing will then no longer work.

What specific My Cloud model do you have? Is the My Cloud running OS3 (v2.x firmware) or OS5 (v5.x firmware)? Note: The My Cloud Home is a completely different device than the My Cloud line and is not supported by the OS5 firmware.

If running OS5 firmware, WD Sync is no longer supported.

My Cloud OS 5: Feature Differences Between My Cloud OS 3 and My Cloud OS 5

Furthermore, WD has moved WD Sync to End of Support status.

WD Sync End of Support

While WD Sync may continue to work with OS3 firmware, WD has moved to using GoodSync for computer syncing with the My Cloud.

GoodSync Free and Premium for WD My Cloud

WD has moved WD Access to End of Support as well.

WD Access End of Support

Okay I understand that WD sync is no longer supported and should switch to goodsync. The Firmware version is 04.05.00-342 MyCloud. Thank you for your responseSchermafbeelding 2021-03-24 om 16.36.57

Note for the future, the single bay v4.x firmware My Cloud is not supported by OS5. The correct subforum for discussions on v4.x firmware issues is the OS3 My Cloud subforum.

As the above link indicating the difference between the OS3 firmware and the OS5 firmware shows, WD Sync is supported by OS3 firmware like the v4.x firmware on the single bay My Cloud. Even though WD Sync is end of support it should still work on the v4.x firmware single bay My Cloud.

Thanks for the info. It’s weird but every time I boot WD sync does it for a moment and then it stops working. The options are also no longer visible. See image. But if GoodSync does work, then I will work with it.
Schermafbeelding 2021-03-25 om 07.08.38

Normal WD Sync

Schermafbeelding 2021-03-25 om 08.02.01