WD logo continuously blinks

Hi there this may be a newbie question but I have just purchased the WD TV Live hub yesterday and seem to be having difficulties with it.  When I turn the unit on I see "Compiling Media Library…" displayed at the top, with the wd logo blinking. I then proceed to changed to a different hdmi source and when I go back to check on the live hub I get no connection. At this point the WD logo is still blinking but the remote does not function nor does holding the power button on the unit for 5 seconds. The only way to get the unit to shutdown is to unplug the cord from the hub. Any ideas? Is there something I’m missing here?

This only happens if you change the  HDMI source?

Ya I haven’t tried leaving it go on the one hdmi source but for sure it happens when I switch sources. I will try letting it run tonight and see if the screensaver kicks in.

So It’s been compiling for about 20 min now and screensaver comes on everything works fine its just when I switch over to my satellite connection on HDMI 1 port.  Also it’s not right away I can switch back and forth between the 2 HDMI inputs and both feeds show up its just when I switch to watch something on satellite and go back after awhile that this happens. On another note I had it running all night and the WD logo was blinking but it did not update any videos found off my main computer that I have shared out, but after letting it run this last time for 20 min it now has found 79 videos.

So just an update on this, I did a factory reset on the unit and all seems well now. Weird.