WD Livewire works but interacts with my wireless router in a quirky way

I just installed a Liverwire network through an ASUS WL520GU router.  The Liverwire network works very well, but

the router’s wireless function ceases after some time.

I intend to have two computers on the Livewire network, but my laptop, Ipod and Dell AXIM need the wireless

function.  I called WD and they said to reset the Livewire adapter.  I did so, and when I reconnected, wireless worked for about 20 minutes and then ceased

If I just connect any computer to the router with a CAT6 cable, both the wieless and wired functions work great.

Any ideas on what to look for?

This sounds like the router is being influenced by the Livewire signals (via the router PSU). Try plugging the router PSU into a different outlet to the Livewire (or preferably a filtered mains outlet).