WD Livewire speed?

I used the software WD livewire Utility. And the rate (Mbps) is 150. What does that means. Cuz I was transferring from my computer to WD My Book Live speed was 1 to 2 MB per secound. I connect the Livewire directly into the wall outlet. But speed is very slow. If there is no solution. I have to return this product and go back to wire.

That’s the estimated speed (in BITS per second) between the two Live-wire units.

If you’re only getting 1 to 2 megaBYTES per second from end-to-end, there must be something else on your network slowing you down…

that is way to slow. I can’t used it. it runs 4mb per secound. if that is the speed, then i can’t deal with it. rather use wireless, might could get more. I am going to return it.