WD Livewire Latency


I’ve managed to get my livewire devices syncing and communicating successfully, however, the latency is unacceptable.

I recall at one time I had a stable connection, but now the connection is completely erratic.  I’m running Windows 8 64-bit and have an Intel GBit lan adapter as well as a Realtek GBit adapter.  The realtek seems to give better performance.  This leads me to believe that perhaps some of the adapter settings are incorrect or simply not optimal.

The speed reports that the connection is stable at 190+ Mbps, so to me there shouldn’t be any latency.

Has anybody experienced this problem and is there something I could try to resolve this?

I’ve removed as many devices as possible to ensure minimal interference.

Any help would be appreciated.


200Mbps is about the maximum you will get with the livewire. Have you tried doing a speed test from a PC connected directly to the livewire and one to your router, just to check if the ping varies?


The issue is not the speed, but the latency as I’ve stated.

Unfortunately, the devices now won’t sync at all…

Nothing has changed, they just won’t work?