WD Livewire keeps dropping connection

Hi, I have three WD Livewire powerline network kits.  They are all plugged directly into an electrical outlet.  The one that is extending the internet connection is connected via ethernet to my Apple Airport Extreme.  The airport extreme is connected to the internet via my Fios Cable modem.  My other two Livewire adapters are placed around the house.  Typical connection speeds, according to the Livewire Utility app, are 90Mbps for the closer livewire box, and 50Mbps for the one that is further away.

The issue I’m having is that, intermittently, the main box (conected to the airport extreme) loses connectivity with the two other boxes.  This happens about once every 2-3 days.  It loses conectivity with BOTH boxes.  When I pull up the livewire utility to check the status of the connections, the field marked “quality” is blank and the field marked “rate (Mbps)” is also blank (for both remote boxes).  Usually I have to reboot (unplug and plug) the main livewire box to re-establish the connection.  However, yesterday, I was abe to re-establish the connection by going to the Privacy tab (on the livewire utility) and clicking the “Use Default (Public Network)” option.  

Is there some setting I should be using that would keep the connection from dropping? I’m not using any encryption or any private networks, as I don’t need to; I’m in a stand alone home.    The connection drops even when there is not a large electrical load on any circuits (i.e. nothing else is plugged in, and we’re not running stuff like vacuum cleaners, etc.).

Any thoughts?  I’d love to get this fixed as I’m using my remote livewire boxes to connect to apple airport expresses which then are effectively used to create wireless networks.  When its working, its great, as I’m rebroadcasting my speedy 50Mbps fios connection throughout the house.

many thanks

Hi, check if you have any device connected in your house that might be introducing some noise to the electric wiring. You can also do a test and connect all of the livewires on the same room and see if the connection still drops. 

Yes, it doesn’t seem like I have anything connected that would make a noisy signal.  At the time, the only real things drawing power in my house are regular appliances (fridge, dishwashers, etc.) and computers.  That’s really it.  Is there any other setting that might be causing this? Are other people experiencing the same problem?  The main issue i have is that when it loses its connection I have to reset it, which is incredibly problematic. In fact, given the connection is lost once every couple of days, the livewire is so unreliable as to be nearly useless.


I have 6 WD Livewire devices in my house.  Most of the time, they are reliable.  But intermittently (sometimes 2-3 times a day to once a month) some of them but not all of them would lose connection to the main device that is connected to my Internet router.  When that occurs, I see that the PLC link light on the disconnected unit is not lit.  I would then unplug it and plug it back in.  Most of the time that get it reconnected.  But these intermittent disconnects make it troublesome and I have to do manual intervention to fix it. It would be good if WD has an update to these devices which will make them automatically re-establish the connections.

I have three units and found the connection to be very unreliable for a long time. Then, for no apparent reason, the connection had become VERY stable for at least a few weeks or more. Until about a week ago…now I can’t get any of the units to sync. I’ve tried in every combination and moved them to the same circuit but no go. I can’t even see two of the units in the WDLW utility. No explanation as nothing had changed!